Nano medicine is the next wave of advancements in the healthcare space. The nanotechnology revolution is now enabling novel approaches to address the major problems in modern medicine, leading to the emergence of nano medicine as a new paradigm for diagnosis and therapy, according to experts.

  • Nanotechnology based Imaging Technologies
  • Nanotechnology future applications
  • Cellular based Therapy
  • Nano Arrays for Advanced Diagnostics
  • Advanced Nano-Bio-Sensor Technologies
  • Nanotechnology in Dentistry
  • Invasive Therapy Technologies
  • Implantable Nanosensors
  • Lab-on-a-Chip / Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Detection of Lung, Brain and Breast cancer
  • Emerging technologies in Nano field
  • Nanostructured Materials for Artificial Organs
  • Nano-Bio Interfaces
  • Nanodiamond devices
  • Nano-Mechanisms for Molecular Systems
  • Nanomedicne and Nanocapsules
  • Nanomedicne and Nanoemulsions
  • Nanocardiology
  • Nanodentistry
  • Nano Medicinal Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology in Food science

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